RRC International Group is founded from an inspiring look that brought the experience of more than three decades in the industry of freight transportation and logistics, along with the passion and the desire to provide a different service. service that was synonymous of added valueresponsibility and commitment, but that for the first time in, is respectful of the environment and the community.
This vision the future materialized, blending the best of each region and culture, achieving an eclectic mix of talent and human capital that enhanced a fleet integrated by the best trucks and technologies available on the marketbut with a distinctive feature; a strong culture of work, dedication and customer orientation.
At the moment RRC International Group is an international leader in the transport of controlled temperature freight and one of the majors fleets with cooling capacity of the South Cone, integrating more than 100 Volvo tractor units, with an average antiquity of 1,5 years and the totality of the Utility trailers equipped with last generation Thermo King units.



“To be recognized globally as a leader in innovation, quality, sustainability and added value of our logistics services.”



“To promote comprehensive solutions for freight transportation, warehousing, inbound & outbound distribution and inventory management, ensuring the best service in Latin America, in each of our interactions, every day of the year. Ensure the fulfillment of the needs and expectations of our customers and community, committing ourselves with the preservation of our environment.



Our company has worked with several institutions and associations like the Ministry of Energy of the Government of Chile and the AChEE, aiming to collaborate on energy saving and efficiency. Different actions have been carried out as part of this task:


  • Installation of sliders and air deflectors for an optimal aerodynamic efficiency of the units.

  • High standards of efficiency in driving through the constant training of drivers.

  • Route tests for measuring efficiency indicators.

  • Use of simulators for better driver training.

Thanks to the implementation of the above tasks, the Ministry of Energy today rewards the initiative of our company subsidizing much of the installation of the aerodynamic devices.



Some of the clients who at present trust to RRC International Group the transportation of their products include multinational corporations of recognized prestige.
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